Episode 26.

I'm pretty hyped to share with you that I AM ON A  PODCAST! As a long time Podcast devotee, I was super-duper pumped when my friend Scott (@dc__fitness on Instagram) asked me to come on his podcast! Scott is a Personal Trainer & Body Type Nutrition Certified Coach working out of Glasgow. We have been … Continue reading Episode 26.

More Smiles, Less Sabotage

Recently, I have spent a lot of time listening, reading and thinking about why we do the things that we do, in an attempt to try and get to grips with my own actions and conclusions. Whether that be in the dating world, career, family ... just life in general! It's become apparent to me … Continue reading More Smiles, Less Sabotage

Is this the real slice? Is this just fantasy?

This morning I read an article on the website of a national publication. The topic? Hyper processing. My response? Hold on to your hats.  It was a somewhat negative spin on the travesty facing us modern-day eaters. The article made a point of first bashing our convenience-food stuffing faces, then went on to list some of the'shocking' ingredients … Continue reading Is this the real slice? Is this just fantasy?