People Doing Good Things.

Remember the days that blogs were reserved for quiet, creative types? The ones with lots of emotions, and unable to express it any other way? Slight social awkwardness, maybe going through some ‘stuff’?  Before the internet was at our fingertips, these were the people who wrote diaries, drawing little love hearts containing their crush’s name (s) on the inside of the cover. That’s not just me, right? Anyone?

The days of LiveJournal, and even to some extent Tumblr are fading. These shy, creative types have been thrust into the limelight, thanks to the likes of Instagram. The need for eye-catching content and pretty profiles have overtaken the desire to share thoughts and ideas with other like-minded people in long-winded blog posts and articles. Our attention span has shortened to around 8 seconds, on average. It’s no wonder that images are king, and words come second, well maybe 4th after TV and podcasts. Well done for getting this far into my blog babes, you are doing great. 

Fashion, fitness, food and beauty enthusiasts were catapulted from somewhat ‘unknown’ individuals writing tings (yes, tings) to overnight successes. These, now influencers, rode the wave at the right time and created a living from something they perhaps thought, at the time, would be a side project.

In the age of the influencer, a lot of them now have teams around them. Agents representing their every move and rub shoulders with the stars at award ceremonies. They bring in outreach teams, graphic designers and many don’t even still do the job, be it Personal Trainer or Makeup Artist, that made them initially famous.

Maybe I’m massively generalising? But it’s the internet – what’s new there? I do believe there are some really high profile bloggers who’s content is still really worth reading, and you can tell they know a bit about photography, writing and web design. Especially if you followed them from the beginning of their journey.  They did so well, and continue to put the work in, and the best bit is they did from the get-go.  I am not saying I wouldn’t have don’t exactly the same in that position. Hell, who wouldn’t have?

Anyway, this blog post isn’t a rant about how blogging is going downhill. I’m 25, not 75 believe it or not. Amongst all of the falsified pictures, photoshop, filters and paid collaborations, there are some people out there just writing because they like it. Writing things that set their hearts on fire, and want to help others and share this with their followers.  I read very few blogs now, in fact, I read more articles from online publications and news pages. I know they are skewed by advertising and PR also, but I honestly, there’s no hiding from that anymore. Unless you go live on top of a mountain, which I often seriously consider.

This leads me on nicely to the good eggs out there. I wanted to share a few of them below, to perhaps inspire you to grow your following list to something a little less ‘curated’ and ‘manicured’ and just embrace good content as it is. Personally, I think all these gals (happy accident) have so much to give and none of them knows I’m writing this. SURPRISE BITCHES. XOXOXOX

These women, I have followed for a while, all very different, and all very empowering in their own amazing ways. If you fancy some self -love, mental health, and dating chat check out Pamela Violets Globe-trotting Glasgow gal, very much on my wavelength! She introduced me to the Girls Gotta Eat podcast, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Foodies need to check out Briony from Glasgow food a Digital Marketing whizz and fellow brunch, calligraphy and dog lover – although she recently admitted to me she didn’t like UK chocolate. It was a dark day 😉 I want to steal her dog Joffrey (jk jk jk not really I do, but ok jk) please follow her on insta purely for food and dog-spam. The only acceptable Spam.

Also, Pam over at Glasgow Food Geek gives me some serious food-envy with her covetable bakes, and she has become a review go-to when I need a little mid-week meal out inspiration! I’m also determined to convert her to Yoga – yes Pam, I’ve read your 40/40 project. I will tick that one off the list if it’s the last thing I do.

Honest, real life and serious mum-goals has to be my current insta-crush and lady-boss Dawn, AKA TheThingAboutChaos. She’s living her best life, giving no-shits about fake realities, and I bloody love that. I kind of want to be best pals with her and her daughter Ava, who’s Yorkshire pudding dinner creations are pretty much the highlight of my week.

My friend Sarah AKA The Wee Foddie lives in Edinburgh and we don’t get to meet up that often, in fact, we’ve only met up a few times but have rather colourful Whatsapp conversations covering our favourite topic – IBS. We met on Instagram – I know, so millennial. Our first meeting was at a cocktail and blogging masterclass thing. I dunno, I just remember getting a bit tipsy on a Wednesday evening and knew we would be pals from then on. Sarah writes an honest blog about IBS, and uses it as a way to share her struggles in the hope to help others in the same boat feel less ‘weird’  and alone about their symptoms.

That is the great thing about the world of blogs and the internet in general. It allows you to keep up with the goings-on of people who you are friends with, but don’t get to see all that often. A friend of mine Kate who lives all the way across the world, living the Aussie dream now *sob* is quite possibly the definition of #bodygoal. My favourite thing about her is how frigging funny and talented she is. This gal has worked so hard to get to where she is now, physically and otherwise. Kate, I love you but I’m never giving up bread. I follow her, not with the false belief that I will one day have her Abs…and teeth…and hair…and laugh… but I follow her because she’s a seriously funny gal who writes a bloody good blog to go alongside her slammin’ bod. Stop living so far away, thanks. 😦

Okay, so that ran away with itself somewhat, and I hope I now don’t I come across as some creepy insta-blog stalker. Ah well, it’s the internet – everyone is!

I do hope you get some joy from one or two of these AMAZING women! Do let me know if you happen to check any of them out and share with me some of your favourite bloggers! I’m always looking for more likeminded ladies (and men) on the internet still doing the good stuff!

Robyn x


2 thoughts on “People Doing Good Things.

  1. byliil says:

    You are so on point! And I feel very often the same about going on top of the mountain… or moving to a private island or the moon 😀 Thanks for the links to these bloggers, it’s great to hear that some bloggers are still writing some meaningful content!

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